Menicon appoints new President in its european headquarters

Menicon Co., Ltd. announced management changes in its European Head Office - Menicon Holdings Europe (MHE). Mr Toshio Matsushima - Executive Officer and General Manager of Global Business of Menicon Co., Ltd., - is appointed as President of the European subsidiary, effective from 12th April 2006. Mr Pierre Vilcot - former President of MHE - remains as Honorary Chairman of MHE assisting the new president for another year. Mr Matsushima maintains his current duties and position in Menicon Co., Ltd. with two bases of activities, in Japan and Europe.

Menicon Holdings Europe was created in 2004 as the Operational and Financial European Headquarters of the subsidiaries in France, Germany, Spain, UK, and Menicon Pharma - the company's lens care product manufacturing plant.

"Menicon is grateful to Mr. Vilcot's superb performance as former President of MHE. The growth of MHE particularly in France reaching over 70 % of the GP market share is highly attributed to his leadership" - said Mr Toshio Matsushima.

"Menicon is planning to launch a series of new products in Europe and Japan over the next three to five years to cover a wider range of the contact lens market. With the introduction of these new products supported by the new management, Menicon in Europe will go through necessary changes to be more competitive and diversified. Our aim is to double the revenue in the next three years", said Dr Hidenari Tanaka - President of Menicon Co., Ltd.

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